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tea is an Indian-born Singer-Songwriter and Berklee College of Music graduate. Her exposure to different styles of music such as Indian & Western Classical, R&B, Jazz and Popular Music has contributed extensively to her broad perspective in terms of her ideas and versatility. She has worked as a voice instructor and performed live at venues like Blue Note New York and San Francisco Jazz Center. She has been a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition (UKSC) for her original song, 'I Will Bleed’ in 2015. She moved to Japan in 2016 and released her first album ‘Interstellar’ through the label 'Jump World'. The album received a great reaction from critics for its sophisticated sound that includes some of the top musicians from the Jazz/Pop field and has been given the 'Best New Artist in Japan' award by the 'Music Pen Club Japan' (MPCJ) in 2017. In 2019, she released her singles ‘Summertime’, & ’Unknown Places’ in March and ‘Russian Roulette’ & ‘Dragonflies’ in May exclusively for streaming platforms. She was invited to sing at the Hong Kong Jazz festival in the year 2019. She has made her major debut with her second album, 'Unknown Places’ which was released through Sony Music Labels on 23rd October, 2019. She expanded her musical style with a jazzy and acoustic sound in her third album ‘Songbird’ which was released on 1st November, 2022. She has been collaborating with a renowned Violinist Ikuko Kawai since 2016 and has recorded voice for several of her albums and has performed in her live concerts. tea has recorded voice for the Taiga Drama ‘The 13 Lords of the Shogun’ in 2022 and was featured in a duo with Theremin player Masami Takeuchi in a segment following the program called ‘Taiga Kikou’ starting on 17th July, 2022. She has recorded 7 songs and translated Japanese lyrics into English for 11 songs for a project called the 'Red Kimono Project’ which was started to revive old Japanese folk songs with new arrangements and the album ‘Jojouka’ was released on July 7th, 2022. tea has lent her unique voice to various other projects and has shown her versatility through game music such as 'Final Fantasy XIV' as well as television commercials.

About Me

2015 UKSC R&B/URBAN category Finalist
2017 Music Pen Club Japan 'Best New Artist'
JAPRS Awards Immersive category 'Grand Prix'


New albumSongbird」out now!

'Songbird' is an acoustic jazz album by tea that borrows from various other styles of music to create an easy listening environment. The thick yet soothing textures of the arrangements by Hiroshi Tokieda and the stunning performaces of some of the top musicians of Japan make this album a masterpiece.

tea made her major debut with SONY MUSIC LABELS with the album ‘UNKNOWN PLACES’. The album consists of 8 original songs and 3 cover songs listed as Amazing Grace, Summertime, and Shampoo.

A buttery mix of Jazz, R&B and Pop made rich with velvety vocals, heart-felt lyrics and pulsating arrangements that go down smoothly like wine.

tea’s debut album 'INTERSTELLAR' consists of 8 original songs and 3 cover songs listed as ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by Beatles, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and ‘But Not For Me’ by Gershwin.

JOJOUKA is a genre of Japanese folk songs based on Lyric Poetry. It often describes the four seasons through the Lyricist’s personal emotions or feelings.

The “RED KIMONO PROJECT” gives JOJOUKA a new life with newly written English lyrics and arrangements.



Helium Balloon
Beautiful Dreamer

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